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Friends of Reel Cuisine

  • Valerie Oba

    Valerie Oba

    Illustrator - Toronto

    Valerie Oba illustrated “Les Intouchables” with her clean and angular style. Check out her blog.

  • Lynne


    Illustrator - North Yorkshire

    Lynne illustrated the Harry Potter episode. Check out her blog!

  • Ana Maria Hermida

    Ana Maria Hermida

    Illustrator - Bogota

    Ana Maria is a filmaker and  illustrator. She did the fun and abstract illustrations for the “Y Tu Mama Tambien” episode. Check out her blog!

  • Michele Boulay

    Michele Boulay

    Illustrator - Québec

    Michele is a wonderful illustrator from Québec. She did the delightful illustrations for the “L’auberge espagnole” episode. Check out her site!

  • Cristina Bueno

    Cristina Bueno

    Illustrator - Barcelona

    Cristina is a talented illustrator from Barcelona. Her drawings for the “Lost in Translation” episode were awesome!. Check out her blog.

  • Andrew Vergara

    Andrew Vergara

    Illustrator - NYC

    Andrew is a talented illustrator, born and raised in NYC. He lent a hand for our Ocean’s Eleven episode. Check out his work!

  • Hannah Waine

    Hannah Waine

    Illustrator - Sheffield

    Hannah is a talented illustrateur from Sheffield in the UK. She contributed her slick drawings to the Before Midnight episode. Check out her blog

  • Dawline-Jane


    Illustrator - Oakland

    Dawline lives in Oakland, CA – which just happens to be the setting of the movie she illustrated.
    Check out her blog!

  • June Nezamis

    June Nezamis

    Illustrator - New Jersey

    June lives in New Jersey and loves to draw – she illustrated the Godfather episode

  • Jessica Guthrie

    Jessica Guthrie

    Illustrator - Sydney

    Jessica is an Australian illustrator who challenged herself to draw one illustration a day for a year. Check out her blog!

  • Mandy Kew

    Mandy Kew

    Illustrator - Singapore

    Mandy is a student from Singapore whose  passion has always been drawing. She contributed her beautiful illustrations for the Groundhog Day episode. Check out her blog.

  • Luna Medina

    Luna Medina

    Illustrator - Brooklyn

    Luna brought her quirky style to illustrate the Wes Anderson movie she suggested for episode 4. You should definitely
    check out her blog

  • Maggie Clark

    Maggie Clark

    Illustrator - Edinburgh

    Maggie is Charlie’s sister, but more importantly, she’s an incredible illustrator. She contributed the drawings for the third episode.

  • Anna Ferrier

    Anna Ferrier

    Illustrator - Paris

    Anna illustrated the first episode, as well as the logo and ‘the premise’ illustration. She’s awesome
    check out her blog