Reel Cuisine

An illustrated food and movie blog

What is Reel Cuisine ?

Reel Cuisine is a blog based on the "dinner and a movie" concept. We share recipes that go with a movie on a regular basis, accompanied by drawings. This site is for whoever would like to get ideas for a date, a dinner with friends, a family night or a night alone at home.

Who Are We ?

We both live in Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY. We got more and more into cooking and took occasional cooking class in NY. We go to the movies as often as possible and try to stay up to date with our entertainment magazine. We started doing a “dinner and a movie” night once a week out or at home and thought it would be cool to keep track of it. We figured, why not share our experiences

  • my name is:

    anna chalon

  • i was born in:

    Paris, 1989

  • i studied:

    Law in Paris, Music in London and at Berklee

  • i moved to New York:

    to record an album as KIDDO

  • i currently work as:

    an intern at 'the Deli Magazine'(music magazine)

  • i listen to:

    Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Phosphorescent

  • i've seen these movies over 3 times:

    The Social Network, Santa Clause

  • my favorite midnight snack is:

    Cookie Dough Ice Cream!

  • my name is:

    charlie clark

  • i was born in:

    Canada, 1991

  • i Grew up in:

    Paris, France

  • i studied at:

    Parsons school of design

  • i currently work as a:

    Web developer in dumbo

  • i listen to:

    Arcade Fire, Kanye West, Tame Impala

  • my favorite midnight snack is:

    Milk Bar's Crack Pie